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KeySQL® Technology

The Key is Productivity.

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Keyark develops KeySQL technology enabling a productivity breakthrough in handling of non-flat data comparable to the breakthrough achieved by E.F.Codd’s relational model and SQL for flat data.

What is KeySQL?

KeySQL is a structured query language that employs a keyobject (k-object) data model. The keyobjects work as data definitions for the k-object instances, which represent the data itself.

KeySQL comprises the same high-level data manipulation statements SQL does. At the same time, it can handle data of any complexity.

KeySQL breakthrough features

Universal data model founded in math structure of hereditarily-finite sets

Business friendly bottom up data definition

Data objects of any complexity

Flexible schema

Entity-level queries

Structural data transformations

Grouping objects by objects

KeySQL Technology Use Cases

KeySQL Scalable Cloud Platform

KeySQL platform is built for the cloud and supports a variety of client applications.


...KeySQL Server

KeySQL Server is a parallel and scalable high-performance transactional engine supporting k-object data model and written in C++. Its transparent and replaceable data storage is currently formed by industry leading and open-source databases supporting standard SQL. The server can work with several heterogeneous databases at the same time, providing a performant scalable data layer over a plurality of otherwise non-scalable SQL databases. Other types of data storage will be added in the future.

  Included in docker image

KeySQL Studio

KeySQL Studio is a web application that runs in all popular browsers. Studio provides an elegant user interface for analyst and administrator interaction with KeySQL Server. Studio’s import function makes for easy loading of JSON/BSON, CSV, and XML data. There is no need to define the data structure before import, or to perform complicated ETL or ELT. Studio can automatically recognize the schema of your JSON/BSON data, including the data type, repeating values, and arrays. Upon import the structure of your data is easily viewed and navigated via the Studio Explorer, a tree-like display of the data structure. Due to the Flexible Schema of the KeySQL Universal Database, import can ingest both flat and non-flat data, including variations in the structure of data, providing flexibility similar to that of document databases. Studio’s export function makes for easy sharing of data. Data can be exported using JSON, native KeySQL format, CSV, or XML. Administration is easy, using an intuitive graphical interface to manage user accounts, check and set permissions, and create new schemas. The user interface for command execution is friendly for data analysts, with features such as automatic capture of command history, pre-built KeySQL snippets, and online help.

  Included in docker image

Data Modeling Tool

The KeySQL Data Modeling Tool is a state-of-the-art web application for modeling complex, non-flat data. It is useful for:

  • Design and revision of non-flat data models
  • Creation of KeySQL catalogs with their k-objects
  • Documenting and sharing data models via on-screen and printed JPEG and SVG diagrams
  • Deciphering the schema of complex data, whether it be from JSON, XML, MongoDB or other NoSQL databases

The Data Modeling Tool can be run stand-alone but works in tandem with KeySQL Studio to deliver additional functionality.

Not included in docker image

...REST API       

The KeySQL REST API is a standard API that supports HTTP requests for accessing KeySQL Server. A wide range of Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI can directly query KeySQL Server via this API. In addition, this API can be used to rapidly move data between KeySQL Server and databases, data lakes, and proprietary systems.

  Included in docker image

...KeySQL Java SDK

Java developers are provided with a Java SDK and driver fully supported by Keyark. Novice developers can compose commands in KeySQL Studio, such as “SELECT Name, Email FROM Contacts”, embed this code into a single Java statement, and fetch the result set, with only a few lines of simple code.

  Published in Maven repository

...KeySQL Python SDK

Python developers are provided with a Python SDK and driver fully supported by Keyark. The SDK is similar to the Java SDK, providing both a friendly environment for novice developers as well as a sophisticated class library for more advanced developers.

  Windows / Linux / MAC installer

KeySQL® Technology Value Proposition

Universal Database for Both Flat and Non-flat Data

  • Patent pending Composable Data Model
  • KeySQL - a next generation SQL language native to both non-flat and flat data
  • No impedance mismatch: object-relational mapping is all but eliminated
  • Single-query access to variably structured data with Flexible Schema
  • Data objects of arbitrary complexity
  • Entity-level queries
  • Valuable non-flat data can be leveraged by data analysts

Data Modeling Dramatically Simplified

  • Business-friendly bottom-up data definition makes data modeling a breeze
  • Logical data model complexity is drastically reduced compared to RDBMS
  • No physical data modeling whatsoever
  • Non-flat data is not hidden in blobs but is natively defined and queried in KeySQL
  • KeySQL data catalogs facilitate data exploration
  • JSON, CSV, and XML is imported to KeySQL without prior data modeling

Organization-wide Productivity Gains

  • Non-flat data is available to data analysts without dependence on Java, Python, or other programmers
  • BI reporting from non-flat data is direct and does not require intermediate RDBMS staging
  • Non-flat data can be directly streamed to machine learning software
  • Business users fluent in SQL can grasp bulk of KeySQL in just a couple of days
  • Data scientists and engineers can focus on project work, freed from incessant support of data analysts

Keyark in the news

KeySQL and Big Data

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MRF Explorer

... ... ... Keyark Announces the Launch of Its MRF Explorer as the Leading Tool for Healthcare Price Transparency SAN MATEO, CA / February 8, 2023 / Silicon Valley software and technology development firm, Keyark, announces the launch of its MRF (Machine-Readable File) data explorer. MRF Explorer is an online service that makes healthcare price-transparency data accessible to everyone. This self-service facility helps consumers, self-insured employers and industry analysts better understand the costs associated with healthcare. This is the first time all stakeholders in the medical industry get access to contractual rates for medical services and drug pricing that until recently was hidden in secret contracts... continue reading